'An Agent For Positive Change'

Hypnosis In Seattle can help to stop smoking and lose weight

Many people come to Hypnosis In Seattle for hypnotherapy to stop smoking and to lose weight- Also, for a life style change, food addictions. Hypnosis for sports, mental focus and so on.

Here are 10 ways to help you keep your focus on your goals:

1. Whatever you are wanting for yourself keep it in the forefront of your mind. Stay vigilant to your goal. Listen to your Hypnosis In Seattle cd daily. If you are wanting to stop smoking or lose weight, stay positive and keep your focus on your goal.

2. If you find yourself backsliding, turn back immediately. Stay true to yourself. Get on with your clear vision. Listen to your Hypnosis In Seattle cd daily, or call Vera Olson at 425-931-0959 to schedule a Hypnosis In Seattle appointment!

3. For the success of your goal read your affirmations daily. Give it your all and be faithful to yourself in pursuing all your desires. If you need help writing affirmations call Hypnosis In Seattle, I would be happy to assist you.

4. With your whole heart stay focused daily on your goal. This is what you have wanted for a long time, stay devoted to your goal, always remember that you are worthy and deserving of all goodness.

5. On a daily basis keep learning fresh new idea’s on how to get closer to your goal.

6. Choose the company of family and friends who support you.

7. You are not alone, rely on the strength and prayers of family and friends.

8. Persevere. Watch your life get better and better.

9. Run the race to win. See yourself there, your goal is accomplished; you have finished the race, you have kept the faith.

10. Remind yourself of all your past successes. You have worked hard at many things in your life, remind yourself of your strengths.


1. Develop a daily habit of spending time in mediation, hypnosis and prayer.
2. Write down and memorize your affirmations daily to recall in difficult times.
3. Listen to music and or your hypnosis to keep your mind calm, centered and relaxed.
4. Develop new friendships to share the Jewel that you are.

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