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You can overcome anxiety by living a life of gratitude –

You can overcome anxiety by living a life of gratitude. So what is living a life of gratitude? Are the happiest people living a life of gratitude? Of course, I can only write from my own experience, so to answer that question, my answer is yes! The more I have acknowledged my gratitude, the happier I have become. How does someone go about “getting” or “building” a greater sense of gratitude? My answer to that would be to “practice gratitude” — It’s beautiful how, we as humans, are all so different in how we come to see our world. Thinking back to my childhood, I can remember just bouncing along, not really giving too much thought about what was going on around me. About the only thing I recall was the question, “when do I get to go outside to play?” That thought, brings my eyes to water a bit and a small swell in my heart. I loved to play kickball, dodgeball, monkey bars, tetherball, hopscotch. You name it, if it was physical, I was ready to play! I didn’t realize then on how fortunate I was.

I would say that on the average, I am well above the “live in gratitude” chart. So, I will share how I think about gratitude, or in my case, don’t think and just feel. If we do think about it, gratitude is something that we feel, it is within me, an emotion. I am and always have been a believer in Christ Jesus, as a small child, I can recall walking myself to church. I mention my faith, because for me, it is who I send my gratitude to.  It is also my belief, that for me, gratitude is a grace from God. Of course, as in prayer, mediation and hypnosis it can develop stronger with practice. It also, doesn’t have to be a grace from God. You can give it to yourself.

What I do to deepen my gratitude; I saturate my thoughts, my life and my environment with positive quotes, people and stimulating surroundings. Often times, I have my clients reframe a word or thought,  such as;  “I’m not strong enough” to simply, “I am strong enough.” I then will go on to add …. Everyday and in everyway you are getting stronger and stronger. Before long, you will start to catch yourself and others, in staying positive with your “self talk.” — Until you feel strong enough in your gratitude status, it would be wise to stay away from people who are negative.

Also, watch out for dream stealers, people who do not see the abundance of possibilities that we are all capable of. We can achieve anything we put our minds to! Believe in yourself, breathe that in, find that child within you that still loves to play. Recall the good memories, fill your bodies cells with those memories- allow yourself to see the light of possibilities. And then…. you know what? SMILE! it’s true, happy endorphins get released into our bodies. I smile when I am alone, driving and so on. It too takes practice, before long, you will catch yourself smiling over a piece of toast! 🙂 It really is the best accessory you can wear!

Hypnosis In Seattle can help you relieve anxiety by tapping into a life of gratitude. It is my belief that you can overcome anxiety by living a life of gratitude.  I am grateful that I get to help people to relieve anxiety and to feel better! “And I think to myself what a wonderful world.”

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    So true. I see it lived out on a daily basis.

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