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Hypnosis In Seattle can help you find self love.

Hypnosis In Seattle can help you find self love. Self-love is the love of oneself. It is not narcissism, or a big ego. I see loving myself as loving my Creator, loving my parents and the one universal breath that we are all connected to. I am not sure that I have always loved myself. I do know that I have always had self respect, in the fact that I would not allow anyone to treat me badly. I have always been able to stand up for myself and others. As babies for the most part we are born selfish, I am not sure if we are born with self love, or if it is developed as we grow to understand it’s importance. If we are born with self love, somewhere along the way many of us lose it.
In my business of Hypnosis In Seattle, I assist my client’s to discover what is holding them back from obtaining their desires. Nearly all of us come to realize that we do not think we are worthy or deserving of the goodness in life. This is when together my client and I, Hypnosis In Seattle, work on relaxing our conscious mind and planting positive affirmations of self love into our subconscious mind.
I believe in order to develop self love it is first important to forgive all who have harmed, neglected or mistreated us. Even more important is to forgive ourselves in all things. Self forgiveness comes difficult for many people. So it leads me to wonder what comes first self love, or self forgiveness? I also think it is in being clean of all addictions- being clean and whole. Being free to experience the great blessings we are given every day. Taking a walk and noticing the flowers just popping from the earth. The beautiful cloud formations in the sky. The full moon in the cool night air. The sound of rain hitting your window pane on a winter’s night. All the amazingly glorious gifts we are given daily.

Self love is taking the very best care of ourselves. Sometimes though, I wonder if we take care of ourself for the love we have for others? That makes me wonder what comes first the love for others or self love- It’s like the chicken before the egg. I doesn’t matter. as long as we have both. Vera Olson, Hypnosis-seattle.com

If you would like some wonderful reading on self love, read this book by Louise Hay http://www.amazon.com/You-Can-Heal-Your-Life/dp/0937611018

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    The deeper we love ourselves the deeper and greater our love for others will be!

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