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Let’s talk about not giving up! I won’t let fear get the best of me



Let’s talk about not giving up! I won’t let fear get the best of me.

I just turned on Pandora …. Wondering what I should write about…. The song, “You’ve Got A Friend” by James Taylor started playing- When you are down and troubled and nothing is going right, just call out my name and you know, wherever I am.. I’ll  come running…  When that song came out in 1971, I was 13 years old – Yup, that’s right, I am 57 – I often need to do the math to figure out my age.  Maybe some people feel their age in their body, mind and spirit… But I feel younger in my body, younger yet in my mind- but my spirit feels older to me. That’s a nice thought, an old spirit. My spirit, comprises my memories, it’s my emotions of love and understanding.

One problem I have had in feeling younger in my body is thinking I can physically do something that I can’t… for instance: a month ago, I took a big fall as I was jumping across a deck I had just stained. I banged my head against the door. That’s right, I banged my head up against the wall! What did I learn? Like with my words before I speak, make sure to use the right words- Before I jump, unless it’s into water, don’t do it!  Actually, I blamed the fall on my loosely fitted shoes. After my ego was healed, I realized that it wasn’t just my shoes.

So, you know what! I have decided not to let this hold me back- I just need better training! I need to get stronger, leaner- I have since jumped that jump and made it! Let’s talk about not giving up! I won’t let fear get the best of me. What is it that you have failed at? Whatever it is, don’t let it hold you back- You have the resources, figure it out and keep trying.

It was nice to have a friend come home and put ice on my bump, and check my pupils and ask me my name. Since 1975, my husband has been my best friend- Young in my mind, remembering my youth and not willing to let go of it.

Thank you too Emily for laughing at me, I mean, with me 🙂


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