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Spring cleaning can lead to weight loss

Seattle has had an amazingly mild winter! I am wondering if that is why spring cleaning has hit me with an abundance of energy. This is a good thing? I have been thinking that maybe it is the start of a compulsion? No, I have always been an eager beaver to get things done. Pinterest has been an inspiration, those wonderful idea’s for organizing, purging, and clever tips on cleaning. At Hypnosis In Seattle, I had a client- who, by becoming organized, lead her to weight loss. Spring cleaning can lead to weight loss.

Once all our children had left home, my husband and I moved from a large home to much smaller footprint. I must admit that I have enjoyed the challenge of being more creative in my housekeeping. We have a small yard, it takes each of us, working together, a half hour a week to keep up. More time for golf, to practice yoga or to read. I am understanding and buying into (or not buying) the philosophy that less is best, less is more – I also believe that there is a time for everything. A time to collect and a time to let go, neither of those were hard for me. I embrace change, ahh! just writing that brings a power surge of happiness to run through me.

That move though, from the big house to a small house, wasn’t easy. It was several years ago, when my children left home, I felt lonely and left behind. My thoughts were, great! now what? The usual thoughts of the very involved empty nester. My husband though, bless his heart, was enlightened earlier than I and enjoyed the freedom from responsibility.

When I was first going through this process, I had prayed and the words, “go on with your day, do what you need to do and believe” came to me. I quickly wrote those words down, I knew those words would get me through. As quickly as those words came to my ear, I grabbed a box and started packing. Since then, change has been a fun adventure.

Recently, a client came to me for weight loss.  Through hypnosis, she discovered that she needed to “organize her environment.” She came to realize, that for her, food wasn’t the issue- It was a feeling of being out of control. While in hypnosis, I gave her simple suggestions, such as; “when you bring the mail in, you easily and quickly discard all junk” and so on. She came back a few more times, so excited at her change. She was purging stuff, getting her life organized and becoming disciplined. Starting with the small things can create big change. If you are wanting to make a change, Hypnosis In Seattle is here and excited to help you to do so. Blessings!



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