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Stay healthy have some fun

Stay healthy and have some fun –228 Do you have fun everyday? There are many benefits to staying healthy and having some fun by bringing out the childlike playful side of ourselves. A few of the benefits is that fun will relieve stress, brings about a joyful feeling, as with daily exercise, it will recharge us. It feels so good to ride a bike, maybe even taking a jump!  Being playful brings a smile to our faces, which sends a message to our brain that we are safe and happy. Therefore our bodies will reflect that we are healthy in our body and mind.

My husband and I will be spending Halloween with our grandchildren in California, ages 2 and 4. The other night I asked my husband what he wanted to be for Halloween, I gave suggestions of him being a carrot and me a pea – or we could each be an Elf on the shelf…. He wasn’t too excited as he barely looked up from his book to see pictures of costumes on my phone. I was getting the message that he didn’t really want to partake in my excitement of celebrating with our grandchildren. You know the movie with Steve Martin, Father of the bride? where he fantasies about the wedding, or the movie Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase, where he fantasies about the swimming pool – LOL right! I do that too….  My husband thinks that we are to admire all the little treaters and awe and praise them over their costumes, he has a good point! Grandparents do make a great audience.

My idea is to have a fun costume, so our grandchildren will remember us when we are not with them.  Grandparents, who care enough to bring more fun into their day. In my fantasy, I see their little faces light up, maybe even giggle…. They might even think we’re a little strange but get the intent of our enthusiasm. They are super bright, after all! I can even hear my 4 yr old say, “oh grandma” – while he has a smile and shaking his head.

 I reminded my husband, that to stay healthy we need to have some fun, laugh often and to just basically do different things-. The next morning my loving husband said to me, “I don’t want to be a carrot, but I’ll be a “Pirate” – Sounds great fun to me! I’ll be what I am, but only dressed up in costume, “Native American Princess” –

To be honest, I am rethinking, maybe my husband is right and that the little ones want us in plain clothes and to ooh and ahh over them. BUT.. I don’t have a memory of either my parents or grandparents in costume, I think I would have liked that.

Looking forward to creating memories with our little munchkins!

Men do not quit playing because they grow old, they grow old because they quit playing –Oliver Wendell Holmes




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